Your State Representative from Illinois' 9th Legislative District

Chicago Board of Elections

The Chicago Board of Elections provides information on how to register to vote, where your nearest polling place is, absentee voting, early voting and any other information you may need on upcoming elections.
Chicago Board of Elections Website


The Illinois Department on Aging helps older people live independently in their own homes and communities. They assist with issues including in-home and nursing care, meals, transportation, employment, legal assistance, elder abuse and neglect, grandparents’ rights while raising children, prescriptions, disability and HIPAA.
Illinois Department on Aging Website

Attorney General

Your current Attorney General is Lisa Madigan. Her office serves the community by protecting against pollution, deceptive practices by businesses against consumers, crime, and generally defending your rights. They also advocate for women, children and older citizens.
Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan Website

Central Management Services

CMS specifically has a program tar geted to helping minorities, women and people with disabilities start and grow business enterprises. They also manage state vehicles, buildings, and the telecommunications system. CMS manages labor relations for State agencies and acts as central personnel for the over 50,000 employees under the Governor’s direct control.
Illinois Department of Central Management Services

Children & Family Services

Also known as DCFS, protects and advocates for children and youth who are or are at risk of being abused neglected, or removed from their families. DCFS manages foster care, adoption, day care & early childhood, and caseworkers.
Illinois Deparment of Children & Family Services

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